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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween When I was a kid, Halloween wasn’t about shortcuts. Everyone enjoyed giving and receiving freshly baked cookies, popcorn balls and shiny red apples. But somewhere along the way, packaged Nerds and Jolly Ranchers from super-sized Costco candy bags became the standard treat. Today, I’m suggesting we give Halloween back its charm. Without overly complicating the movement, dress your treats in theme. Spruce up your basket with candy corn, candied apples, Witches’ Fingers in Bandages, which are essentially pigs in a blanket, and Vampire Teeth – red syrup covered marshmallows. If you’re planning a treat for your adult neighbors, try Satan’s Whiskers with vermouth, orange juice and bitters, Black Widows decorated with black licorice, or a Bloody Apple Cranberry Cocktail, with apple cider and apple vodka. Give Halloween back its charm and enjoy in traditional neighborly style.

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