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Choose the RIGHT Wine

Choose the RIGHT Wine Navigating a wine list is a lot like driving on the left side of the street – at first, seemingly impossible, but with practice and some coaching, simple and second nature. Embrace your inner sommelier with Katherine Cole’s book, The Complete Wine Selector. Dispensing with the usual list format or grouping wines by region, Katherine walks eager pupils through the 10 most common styles of wine. She begins with crisp, lean whites and moves through the wine spectrum, touching landmarks, like luscious, sweet whites, bubbles, roses, medium-bodied reds and fortified wines. She beautifully outlines foods that pair well with each style, breaks down the jargon found on a bottle, and examines price range. With content-rich graphics, Katherine cuts through common confusions, and offers practice and sensible advice. Katherine Cole’s Complete Wine Selector is available for $25.

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