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Hallah for Hanukkah

Hallah for Hanukkah! Hallah may be the quintessential Jewish bread served at Shabbat dinner, but the delicious dough knows no religious boundaries. The eggy bread is hard not to like. Lucky for us, this week is Hanukkah, and hallah will be sitting atop bakery shelves everywhere. But if you’re up for the challenge, Tribes-a-Dozen brings traditional bread baking home with Voilà hallah mix. Control the quality and taste of the traditional egg bread with different mixes, including wholey wheat, simply spelt and, my favorite, traditional. Although my loaf didn’t rise as beautifully as the image on the box displays, it was delicious! Nosh on it plain, or enjoy it in a sandwich. It’s also the ultimate base for French toast or bread pudding. Visit TRIBES A DOZEN DOT COM for more information. Prices vary between $6 and $7.

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