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Fry Your Way to Bliss

Fry Your Way to Bliss When December comes, my diet typically goes south. My friend James Villas gives more than 150 ways to indulge this holiday season in his remarkable book, Southern Fried. For starters, the crab and corn fritters are ethereal with remoulade dressing, and take on a stunning golden complexion. Then there are the fried crumbed pigs’ ears. Never have they tasted better than when battered in buttermilk, crumbed, and deep-fried in lard to crispy perfection. Veggie lovers, don’t miss the rosemary zucchini or cauliflower fries, both habit-forming side dishes. James also offers up popular classics, from fried green tomatoes to low country’s quintessential shrimp and grits. And as if one fried chicken recipe isn’t enough, James gives two – shallow-fried and deep-fried. For $30, temp your taste buds with Southern Fried. Leave your diet for the new year.

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