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Beer Books

A brew as old as mankind. Comforting, celebratory and football-Sunday appropriate, beer is a worldwide staple. Although as popular as it is, beer is complex and understood by few. Here are some great beer books for beer lovers all around the world. 

Leading a magnificent tour of the major beers from the world’s premium beer-making countries are brew titans, Fabio Petroni, Pietro Fontana and Giovanni Ruggieri in their masterpiece, Beer Sommelier: A Journey Through the Culture of Beer. Brimming with detailed profiles and marvelous photographs, the book offers serious aficionados niche knowledge about the 10 principal styles and production methods in the world. Explore Belgium, England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, the U.S., of course, Denmark, Norway, and Italy (where Pietro happens to own and run his own microbrewery) and learn the remarkable roles that each country plays in supplying your local watering hole with your favorite beers. From Lambics to English IPAs, Beer Sommelier at $40 should be a home bar mainstay.

The U.S. is overflowing with beer yet vastly underwhelming in its knowledge of the great brew. Well, grab a cold one, pick up a copy of The United States of Craft Beer by Jess Lebow, and get to reading! Complete with photographs, maps and illustrations, this book will deeply inspire and educate readers as they flip through this comprehensive compendium. Soak up knowledge on brews all the way from California to Maine – it’s truly a road trip in itself! The United States of Craft Beer is in available online and in your local bookstores for $20. 

Then, providing a more sweeping panoramic view of the global beer landscape are Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb, the respected authors of The World Atlas of Beer. They cover 3,500 beers from 65 countries succinctly, coupling each with information on how to enjoy the beer in its original culture and setting, as well as taste ratings indicated by stars. Get your copy of The World Atlas of Beer now, for $20.


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