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Viki's Granola

Granola is becoming a morning mainstay. But options are limitless, and nutrition varies drastically per brand. Enter Viki’s Granola. Viki’s produces gluten-free, cholesterol-free, dairy-free granola, made only with all-natural ingredients. Health nuts, that means there are absolutely no trans fats and no added sugar. Crunchy and bursting with flavor, Viki’s comes in an original flavor, brimming with pecans, almonds, and honey, as well as four other options: maple cranberry, blueberry almond, banana walnut, and apple cinnamon.

Toss it into a fruit or veggie salad, substitute it for bread crumbs when baking, or spoon some into a cup of Greek yogurt to get nutritious whole grains into your body. It also makes a lovely topping for ice cream and pies.

Providing a great energy boost, Viki’s promises to start your day with bright, bold flavors and hearty, wholesome ingredients. More info at

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